Ali Amato, personal organizerWith a “quirky” family background and a multifaceted, creative career history, Ali is well-suited to meet the diverse situations of her clients. Her creative problem solving, flexibility, and attention to detail helps rejuvenate her clients’ lives — whether she is re-designing a work or living space, pitching in on a project basis, or simply conquering an annoying backlog of clutter. Ali recognizes the pitfalls we face, and she understands what to do about it.

Organizing: With Ali’s inventive problem-solving, she devises and implements systems to solve the varied organizing challenges her clients encounter in their office and home lives. In most cases, they simply lack time or focus, or just need some creative input from an objective outsider to help them operate more efficiently. Often, it only takes a few days of working together to “set things right.” That is thrilling!

In other cases, there may be additional factors. Ali’s family includes some very gifted and talented people — who also have conditions including ADHD, dyslexia, OCD and hoarding. Within a childhood environment of chaotic clutter, Ali discovered from a very early age how to keep her life organized around her. She understands the frustration and difficulties that being disorganized creates, and the discouragement that can happen when it becomes overwhelming. She is particularly adept at helping clients be their fabulous, quirky selves while they learn to live less disorganized and impeded lives.

Ali’s clients are consistently surprised to discover that the process of “getting organized with Ali” is actually fun. More importantly, they feel lighter, happier and more able to function in their environment.

Business support: With over 35 years in marketing design — including work at several nationally-known advertising agencies on Fortune-500 accounts — Ali’s skills encompass design, branding and marketing strategy, writing and editing, and project management. She can serve as your company’s Virtual Assistant, lending a variety of creative and administrative support services to your business on an ongoing or as-needed basis. You’ll benefit from having the expert support you need with the flexibility to pick and choose the exact services that are most helpful to you.